5 good reasons to get married in the Fall

    In Quebec, most of the weddings are celebrated from May throughout September. Mostly because these are the warmest months of the year. But more and more couples choose to get married in the Fall and they have really good reasons to do so!


    Since the big busy wedding season will be over in the Fall, it will be much easier for you to book that perfect venue for the big day. It will also make vendors more available for your wedding, especially that photographer you are dreaming of having or the funky videographer everybody wants to book! You won’t have to choose another rentals vendor because the one you were going with is all out of those chairs you absolutely wanted or because there are no more sequin table runners available for your date.

    Lower prices

    Most of the vendors will lower their prices for the colder season since it is a lot less busy. Some vendors will lower their rate by as much as 50%! This means having to pay less for the venue, the caterer, the photographer or even… your wedding planner! Don’t hesitate to ask for proposals and compare them to see what each vendor has to offer. Your wallet will thank you for that.

    Colours and scenery

    If you decide to get married, have the cocktail or even the reception outside or in a very opened and fenestrated place, Mother Nature will offer you the best background ever! Photos taken outside will result in rich and colourful images thanks to the warm light and tones of the Fall. This will make for a breathtaking decor! And dare to use purples and berry colours, deep blues and bronze, adding cream or ivory coloured accent for a rich and perfect palette.

    Harvest season

    With all the delicious vegetables and fruits available in the Fall, and specialty meats from the hunting season, your caterer will elaborate a seasonal menu that will blow you away. Colder weather also allows for richer and more comforting dishes than a hot Summer day. Your caterer will have many options for which you would usually pay extra but not in the Fall since it’s Abundance Season when it comes to food! You will also have the option of offering tasty favors to your guests like fruit sauces, jams and jellies, pickled goodies and everything and anything that requires fruits. Your sweet table will be absolutely decadent, just the way we love it!

    Guests avilability

    By getting married in the Fall, you will not receive answers saying that your guests can’t be there because they will be gone on a trip somewhere for the holidays. Everyone will be back from vacation time and will be able to be there for your big day. For those who live outside your area, the lower rates in hotels during that season will not refrain your guests from booking a room and enjoying your wedding to the fullest.

    All in all, there are many good reasons for you to consider a Fall Wedding. Contact us here to learn about our special Fall rates!