Wedding planner, coordinator, designer… what’s the difference?

    Wedding planner, event designer or event coordinator… are those all the same? Often these are mixed and create confusion, especially when knowing that a planner can offer design services, but the designer will most likely not plan the wedding, or that a planner is almost always a coordinator, but it’s not always true the other way around. Confused yet? Here is the difference between all three and what they can do for you.



    The wedding planner definitely has the most complete job. The planner will take care of all logistics regarding the event from the very beginning. She will do anything from suggesting vendors and venues and assisting for the visits, budget planning, contract revision and negociation and everything that will ensure that the planning schedule is followed. Be ready to have a new personnal assistant for the year you’ll be planning your big day, as the planner will take care of your appointments, will answer questions and address concerns and will make sure you feel great during the whole planning pricess. Your wedding planner will be the most important person in your life for that year (well… besides your fiancé), sharing anxiety peaks and emotional tears with you, and supporting you all the way.

    The wedding planner can also offer design services. This means the whole aesthetics of the weeding will be handled by the planner. A theme and colour palette will be established and every visual aspect of the wedding, from the invites to the cake, will be created accordingly to the chosen theme.

    Your wedding planner will also most likely be your coordinator for the D-day, making sure all vendors have a schedule and are respcting it. She will make sure you are taken care of and that you look perfect for your big day, adjusting a veil, telling you to touch up your lipstick and fixing a strand of hair or your train for the photographer.

    Plan an investment of 10% of your wedding budget on a wedding planner.



    The event designer will only be taking care of the aesthetics aspect of your wedding. You can count on him to create a wonderful and spectacular event, built on your taste and likes. The designer is in charge of finding a theme, a coloiur scheme and to match flowers, stationary and all decor elements to it. The designer will often coordinate with the vendors to make sure the decor is splendid and excatly as planned for the wedding day.

    Since the designer will take care of only one aspect of the event, the fee will be less than the one for a wedding planner.



    The coordinator will most of the time be either the wedding planner or the venue coordinator. There is a huge difference between these two, as one works for you, while the other one is working for the venue. Your wedding planner will work closely with the venue coordinator, as it is a key-person in the planning.

    The coordinator will ensure the set-up of the venue goes according to plan, that the dinner is served at the right time, that the cues are given for the cake, the DJ, the MC… so that everything goes smoothly.

    Often, the coordination services will either be included in the wedding planning package, or in the price of the venue.


    Sparks Weddings is proud to offer all those services, at a price that will fit your budget. You can see the details about our services right here.

    We hope we helped you seeing clearer in all the options that are out there for you to choose from. Happy planning and all our best wishes!


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