4 reasons why you should hire a wedding planner

    Are wedding planners that expensive? Are they only for big, expensive weddings? Can’t my friend do it, she’s great!

    Here are four myths that should be broken regarding the wedding planner’s job:

    1. It’s expensive to hire a wedding planner

    What would you say if I told you that your wedding might be cheaper WITH the hiring of a wedding planner than if you plan everything yourself? And I’m not even counting the precious time you’ll be saving and the hair you won’t have to pull off your head! Being an expert in event planning, your wedding planner know every action, every milestone and every step of the planning. This means you won’t use as much time and energy on every aspect and someone will help you keep track of what YOU really were aiming for in the beginning.

    You will save tremendously on venues, vendors and ideas research because your wedding planners already knows every good spot, knows everyone in the industry and is up to date on the latest trends. Moreover, since she works with other vendors often, she may be able to get you this venue that seemed booked when you called or get you the “friends discount” from a vendor. With all the time, money and stress you’ll be saving, you will soon realize that your wedding planner is worth every penny.

    2. Seuls les gros mariages nécessitent un planificateur
    You just got engaged and are starting to plan for the Big Day? You are telling yourself that being a naturally structured and organized person, planning your wedding will be a breeze? Even with all your great capacities, you will soon enough realize that big or small, a wedding requires a lot of energy, is quite time-consuming and can create a lot of stress. Hiring a wedding planner will help you see clearly how you want your Big Day to unfold and keep eyes on the goal at all times. Even when your mother-in-law wants to suggest one too many things or when your best friend decides to help but is really making more of a mess than anything else. A wedding implies the coordination fo a lot of people : family, vendors and friends. You will sleep a lot better knowing that someone who is used to this is in charge of taking care of all of them.

    3. A wedding planner will plan my wedding without me
    F-A-L-S-E! Your wedding planner’s job is making sure that you have all the fun of the planning, without stress, angst and doubts. In no circumstance will she force an idea or a concept on you. Your wedding planner is someone who will guide you throughout the process, showing you each step without ever choosing for you. Also, not each wedding is planned 100% by a planner. Some couples will hire her only for the rehearsal and the Big Day, some will invest in an hour bank that they will use to have the wedding planner spot check different aspects along the way. So if the complete package doesn’t fit your budget, it doesn’t mean you can’t afford to hire a wedding planner!

    4. My friend is going to make sure everything goes smoothly during the wedding
    Of course your friends and family will want to help out and that is awesome! But they shouldn’t have to miss big chunks of a event they were after all invited to. Your wedding planner will make sure everyone is having a good time and will make sure to fix problems before they even become noticeable.

    In the end, the main goal should be that you get to spend the day of your dreams with the ones you love, without being exhausted or overwrought! Have fun planning!