Welcome to Sparks!

    I am thrilled to present to you Sparks Weddings! Weddings were always a passion for me but I left it in a dusty corner of my life for a while. But destiny, faith or whatever you want to call it brought it back into my life, stronger than ever!

    I dreamed of Sparks. I imagined it, planned it and worked on it. For a loooooong time! Coming from the marketing world and being a customer experience expert, I wanted to offer the total package to my clientele. I want the journey to be as exciting as the destination. My professional past often had me rethink how I wanted to do things with Sparks, for I have the ambition of completely changing how the wedding planner works with a couple. Nothing less!

    The aspect that is most important to me and around which I built my business plan is customization. I want to make the impossible possible for my clients. I want to think outside the box and come up with new ideas that I will pick from my corporate events past. For love can be celebrated everywhere! There is not set formula for love, it is sculpted and formed by the hearts that carry it. Love is experienced differently from a couple to another. That is why a wedding celebration should be as unique as this love that unite each of Sparks couples.

    My mission will be to make the action revolve around the couple and to involve the bride and groom to be just as much as they want to.You want to know everything and study every detail? Perfect! You have a vague concept in mind but trust our expertise to surprise you along the Big Day? We love surprises! However you want your wedding to unfold, we will adapt according to what our clients want.

    After more than a decade of planning corporate events of all sizes, I want to use that expertise to celebrate love and offer unforgettable moments to my couples and their guests. Through all these years, I developped a strong relationship with the best vendors in the industry. I even call some of them friends. I cannot wait to have them discovered by my couples and create beauty with them! Ideas are flowing, so is passion. I feel full of energy and, most important of all, I fell like I am (finally!) where I should be.

    Thank you for sharing this great adventure with me!